Team Jack LaLanne in Glamour Stretcher Time album cover pose LaLanne
Jack LaLanne dedicated his life to motivating people to live healthier since the 1930's and inspired millions with his demonstrations of physical power and his ultimate feat of strength as a model of vibrant aging: maintaining a high level of fitness, vitality, and independence to the ripe age of 96.

To celebrate his birthday and to acknowledge all he has done in shaping our modern health and fitness industry, declares September 26th as "Jack LaLanne Day," a day when we all vow to do something positive for our own health.

Over his many decades as an inspirational fitness guru, Jack has motivated us by performing some amazing feats of strength, traditionally on his birthday.

Jack has always encouraged each of us to take responsibility for improving our own health through better physical fitness and nutrition, and this is quite relevant to our heated healthcare reform discussion. Reducing healthcare costs is a big part of this debate and is an area where better physical fitness and nutrition can help tremendously because of their proven ability to reduce the impact of many chronic diseases that place the greatest burden on our healthcare system.

Improving our health via better research, technology, drugs, and therapies is all great and worthwhile, but while we're working on that, let's not neglect the effective, low-cost, low-tech, well-established approaches that we already know work well to prevent or lessen the impact of many major health conditions.

By establishing and participating an annual Jack LaLanne Day on September 26th, we will be telling Jack that we get his message of the importance of taking charge of our own health and fitness, and that we can do some challenging things, too! Visit to find out more.

2009 is also the 50th anniversary of Jack's long-running fitness T.V. show (1959-1985) and the release of his album, Glamour Stretcher Time.