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Glamour Stretcher Time workout album

Jack LaLanne's Glamour Stretcher Time phonograph album became available in 1959 and was sold along with a rubber stretch cord known as the Glamour Stretcher, demonstrated by Jack on the album's cover (and at the top of this web page). Marketed toward women, Glamour Stretcher Time was probably the first instructor-led workout available on recorded media to achieve wide acclaim. Much of this success is attributable to the noteriety of his popular television show "The Jack LaLanne Show", which ran from 1959-1985. 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of both Glamour Stretcher Time and his T.V. show and also was the year of Jack's 95th birthday.

The front and back cover are shown below, along with the front text and rear liner notes. Click on the images for higher resolution versions. The record itself has a 10 inch diameter and was made with see-through blue vinyl and can be seen here. It's no longer commercially available, but can be found at collectible record stores.

Glamour Stretcher Time album (1959), front cover, thumbnail.   Glamour Stretcher Time album (1959), front cover, thumbnail.
The wonderful new way to acquire a lovelier, more exciting figure... done to the rhythm of delightful organ music.   Jack La Lanne has dedicated his life to helping others acquire the physical well-being he found for himself. His driving ambition has been to help the millions who watch him on TV to look better and feel better through scientific exercise and sensible diet.

Many of Hollywood's most famous stars and other celebrities credit Jack with helping them to keep trim and feel more vibrant. Louella Parsons recently asked Bette Davis the secret of her renewed energy and fresh beauty. Bette answered, "One morning I watched a man named Jack La Lanne on TV who was teaching exercises and gymnastics. I decided to follow his exercies every morning and soon felt like a different person."

Opposed to fad diets, Jack developed his own Three-Point Plan designed to help those persons of normal health who were not following a proper diet or who were not getting enough exercise to keep in good physical condition. The plan is: 1) Regular Exercise with 2) Scientific Instruction plus 3) An improved diet which included more hunger-appeasing Hi-Protein and essential Vitamins.

Discover for yourself the true facts behind Jack La Lanne's amazing success. Devote a few minutes daily to GLAMOUR STRETCHER TIME. It's really a lot of fun, done to the accompaniment of tuneful organ music. As a result, Jack La Lanne promises you a lovelier figure.